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ARG HEALTH PROTECTION INSTRUMENT (ARG 721) is a new technology which uses western electrical pulse technology with traditional Chinese medical theory of point therapy. It has the Low-frequency pulse and infrared heating functions. So can boost blood circulation, recover metabolism, adjust microcirculation, activate nerve cell, enhance the activity of organs, remit pain, remove the tired, body building.
  • The appearance is very light an d modern
  • 99 kinds of electromagnetic wave intensity with continuous adjustment.
  • There are 25 kinds of massage modes for sole and body. Each impulse massage mode will cure the different problems and will eliminate the body fat and toxin.
  • The main unit can massage sole directly and can also massage different parts of the body, with electrode pads and slimming waist belt.
  • This machine has infrared functions which promotes blood circulation.
  • This machine focuses on physical therapy, magnetism therapy and massage.
  • All functions can be operated by remote controller, which is very easy to use.
  • Unpack the Health Protection Instrument and take out machine, electrode pads and slimming belt.
  • Insert one end of the transformer into the apparatus DC socket, and the other end is inserted into the 220V power socket.
  • Decide on the physical therapy ways and the corresponding operation steps.
  • Start to physical therapy sole, put your clean feet on the electrode pads. Press ON/OFF, start power switch.
  • Choose from four kinds of functions - Time, Auto/Mode, Body and Soul.
  • Auto/Mode function can give you the choice between the automatic and fix modes. There are 25 kinds’ modes for sole and body, when you choose the automatic modes, each mode will be changed automatically for each minute.
  • Press plasma switch to stop the plasma function, press Infrared switch to tart or stop infrared functions.
  • Warranty Covered : 6 months
  • Customer needs to send the product to office for repair.
  • Product repairable on chargeable basis after warranty.
  • MODEL : ARG 721
  • POWER : AC 100-240V (50/60HZ)
  • IN THE BOX: ARG Health Protection Instrument, 8 electrode stickers, 1 pc slimming belt, Instruction Manual.

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