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ARG K18 Foot Massager is World’s First Detachable Foot Massager and Knee Massager. With its innovative design and detachable feature, the K18 is the First of Its Kind to be able to operate separately and independently. Designed for multiple users, with multiple uses. All-in-one reflexology and care massage, targeting mutiple areas from the soles, calves, thighs and even the arms.
  • Multiple Users, Multiple Uses: Perfect for comfortable lounging and catching up on loss time with a partner. You can now share and enjoy a massage session with one that matters, together. FEET | KNEES | SHINES | CALVES | THIGHS | ARMS
  • Feet and Sole Reflexology: Massage rollers deliver deep and precise kneading for improved blood circulation and instant relief of tightness in the soles of your feet.
  • Integrated airbag massage enhances massage effectiveness and provides 360 degrees of comfort around entire feet. Its function also ensures optimal roller-to-acupressure point for maximum reflexology coverage.
  • Multipurpose Rejuvenation: Instantly detachable, the versatility of this massage unit goes as far as your creativity allows it to. Powerful integrated airbags comfort intended areas of use, relieving aches and soreness effectively.
  • When attached: Reversible configuration allows for dual functionality as either a knee or calves massager.
  • When detached: Versatile Massage Unit can be operated independently at any location of your choosing. Perfect for arms or legs massage; enjoy relief and rejuvenation caused by the daily strains.
  • Product Name : Detachable Foot & Knee Massager
  • Model : K18
  • Rated Time : 15 mins
  • Rated Voltage : 220-240V 50-60Hz
  • Rated Power : 51W
  • Package
    1 * K18 Massager
    1 * Power Cord
    Instruction Manual

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